Thursday, January 26, 2006

Third place is you're fired.

Blurry Pelican mid-shred:

Dark snap of Sweet Cobra raging:

Yes, we whiled away another night at the Bottle. 4 days in a row! Can you blame us? It was a metal avalanche. It was also very loud. God bless ear plugs. We have been going to shows since 1992, and our ears have suffered many musical pluckers mashing away. Constant ringing, like white noise-style for the last few years. Which shows really did us in like Ozzy and Jeff Beck and Roger Miller? The loudest shows we have seen:

1. Lightning Bolt at the Fireside. 2001? When Brian bass player hit his first booooom our stomachs literally flipped over. We were right in front, of course, and the Bolt was so loud it made us literally nauseous. Drew was wearing those ear cover things people rock when they SHOOT GUNS and he said his ears hurt.

2. Brutal Truth at the Fireside. 1997? 1998? Ouch. They were good as hell, though. Kevin Sharp is quite the showman. And the insaneizoid curly-haired guitarist was holding forth most speedily with his axe. Almost good enough to join the mosh-pit, but not quite.

3. Weasel Walter and that chick from Harry Pussy at the Quaker Goes Deaf. 1996? 1997? Old Wicker Park record store represent. Good god almighty, this quaker did go a little deaf that day. Ba dum cha. No, but seriously folks. Noize.

There have been others, which we will try to recall for you later.

In other news, 1 and 1/2 more days of the corporate wack job left to go and then shit is FAT CITY. Today we took a little extra lunch time and ate an asscrate of Taco Bell. The seven-layer burrito is a beautiful thing. Shovel, shovel in the mouth it goooooes!

Here is a picture of City Hall:

In other news, friend Bobby Burg informs us that if you like women with big boobs that are not fake, go to Houston. Is this true? Can someone verify these rumors of Texas boobosity? He just kind of randomly threw that flavor at us. Bye.

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Carlito J Huppenschtein said...

joan is from there, ask her

ben said...

brutal truth is just about the loudest show i've ever seen too. them and eyehategod, pretty recently @ the note. at least it's bands like that who sound good playing loud. i went to see a to-be-named-later-shitty-run-of -the-mill-indie rock band from chicago who tried to play that loud when i first moved here, like first week i was here. and the sheer pussy-osity of the whole scene, at full volume no less, did wonders for the perception of the city.

Jennifer Waronker said...

Dude, it's so true about TX girls... but they're all kind of, you know, in proportion.

I call it "fat," but that's a loaded term and I'm a feminist and I'm trying to be more accepting, etc, etc.

But big tits usually come with a lot of cellulite and squishy tummies and such. If that's your thing, though... awesome.