Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Glow worms show the path we have to tread, dreamers we should be asleep in bed

We have always wanted a tattoo or two or three. Yes, our flesh is virgin, we hate needles with a passion and aren't too keen on the feeling described by OGFP associates of our flesh ripping apart in the ink deposit process. But we've seen lots of tattoos that we thought were incredibly boss-a-roni, and have a few ideas for our own, a few of which we'd like to vet for you here:

--various Chicago Flag motifs: kind of played, but not without charm due to long immersion in Chicago punk/bike goon corps

--Ronald Reagan head-shot with scroll underneath that says "Dad": possible problems could result from bad portrait; witness Flea's Jimi Hendrix that now kind of looks more like the corpse of Redd Foxx. In addition, since we grew up idolizing the Gipper and had no Dad he was a sub in that realm

--planned OGFP/TinyLuckyGenius matching set: outlines of our home states with the words "Mercy Bound" scrolled beneath; idea emminently plausible

--Dan Higgs. Um, he could tattoo the phonebook to our cock and we'd be geeked.

--Myopic Books symbol matching tattoo with Jon Z. What do you say, dude?

--Finally the real kicker...we saw this book a while back, don't remember where, of Russian prison tats. Whoa. Intense and ugly and dark. We'll try to provide a link or two later. Possible problems could include the simple fact that, Uk. Village, where we live, is run by the Russian Mob. Not only that, but we are usually the non- Ukranian speakers in Rich's Deli everyday, where we buy our totchkes and such. Some bad misunderstandings could insue.

Since we have no idea of tat protocol, we need some advice from our inked-up brothers and sisters. Feel free to weigh in.

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TMI said...

I'm thinking Sears Tower on one arm and Chicago River drawbridges on the other. Once I get the cojones anyway. Let me know when you go in, maybe I'll go too. One of the guys at that Revolution Tattoo place on Western does all Jenn's ink, he does a pretty durn good job.

Anonymous said...

"Fail Better" in old english script

Morgan said...

dude, you saw that russian prison tats book at myopic. mercy bound for sure. victory.

mairead said...
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mairead said...

there are few we midwesterners can own, but they are there. to wit: the dancing bear, also cat with barbed wire.

tony kushner + 4 years under the golden mother breast push me away from the reagan idea. but hey: it is yr canvas. and yr dad.

dexatrim said...

Get anything that never has and never will define you as a person. if I see one more Celtic cross "cuz i'm Irish, yo," or one more anime-eyed naked fairy "cuz I'm delicate, hee hee hee," I will choke a bitch. I'm inked with faces of people I don't know, wings of birds I'd never be able to identify by species, and a bunch of clocks even though I've never worn a watch in my life. and as a reward, I've answered the question "What does that tattoo mean??" a thousand times with a shrug and a noncommittal grunt. (DISCLAIMER: this may actually be terrible advice.)
(but this is good advice.. go see Ken at his shop in Batavia: 630.406.0408. You will not regret this.)