Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Call me Fishmeal. You know why I barely ever blog? If I'm not working, I'm reading. Or I'm watching C-Span. Have you ever watched a hearing of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Foreign Relations with your hosts John Warner (R-Va) and Carl Levin (D-Mich)? I have a surprise for you! YOU DON'T NEED CABLE TELEVISION TO GET YOUR C-SPAN ON, SON! Did you know that you can in fact listen to every congressional whisper on the internet? Yes, my friend. Every subcommittee appropriation throwdown in splendid streaming Real Audio. George Tenent on the low post, Tom Daschle pawing at his dribble like Ron Artest. True Wonks know that the website for C-Span has all the White House press briefings, full congressional sessions and National Press Dinner meltdowns a Gov head could ever want. Not to mention Washington Journal, which is kinda like what the Today Show would be if the ‘Cock dumped Matt Lauer and Katie Couric in favor of Roll Call Editor (and former McLaughlin Group power forward) Morton Kondracke, had no commercial breaks or weather reports, dropped all the interviews with self-help and diet gurus and totally abandoned their stay-at-home mom constituency in favor of ultra-wonk freakouts and hours of random call-ins from inchoate citizen policy wizards who have encyclopedic knowledge about how to improve the corporate tax code and suddenly find themselves with some 1-800 airtime on nationally broadcasted cable TV. Follow that shit up with 120 minutes of Prime Ministers’ questions on the live and direct from the House of Commons and that ass is chronically entertained!

Dun, tell 'em Ozzie sent ya.