Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Shut your mouth 'cause its a hype thing

Friday is our last day working in the Loop, hopefully for a good long while. We're getting out just in time. We've begun a massive work withdrawl program consisting of Google Earth, SNL skits on, IMing people on different continents, Google Earth-ing their locations, water cooler breaks, text messaging British pirate radio DJs, texting our Moms, obsessively checking our MySpace bullitens, obsessing over how cool/uncool our ringtone is (Lil' Wayne's "Fireman") and if we need a new one, IMing complete strangers, becoming acquainted with the full workings of our camera phone, blogging, etc. Blowing mad shit off around the office. We're pretty sure our co-workers are aware of the situation, and are none too pleased with us. We hate this job, and that is our only defense.

One of the only things about the Loop we'll miss, apart from that first warm day of spring when all the cute office girls start wearing skirts again, is the I AM Temple. On Washington near Wells it sits, a strange white building with a huge American flag hanging above the door. This place, ever since we worked at Rock Records, has been a complete mystery to us. We used to see fleets of white Rolls Royces pull up a few times a week and dozens of ladies dressed all in purple and white enter the building for a few hours. There was the guy dressed in long white robes who would come out and spend hours cleaning the sidewalk in front. We assume it is a church of some kind, but we have not gone sneaking around the internet googling for clues, because it seems like cheating somehow. Nor have we brazenly walked in and talked to the attendant, asking for pamphlets and being a pain in the tush just because usually if it's a church they'll be nice to you to get you to come in and maybe give you a snack. We wanted to divine the nature of the I AM Temple by using our sleuthing skills, but now we're afraid they've kicked it up a notch. We need to know what this print, which just showed up in the window this morning, is all about.

Anybody want to weigh in? We're going to march right in there and ask for answers in a minute.

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