Friday, January 20, 2006

Free Jah Jah Children

Man, having a camera phone makes it really easy to be Mr. Lazy McBlog Blog 3000. See what we mean? Wouldn't you rather have a picture of super-friends Adrienne and Jon doing Tarot readings?

Or, how 'bout a random photo of Werner Herzog with a bear in the background? How'd that be?

Everybody's favorite flaming cowboy with Coast to Coast AM weirdo Art Bell?

How about the next book we plan on sinking our teeth into? Some alternate history, anyone? Doesn't Robert E. Lee look splendid with a scrub brush on his head? "Have another drink Ulysses! I heard Nero used you as a human cumrag last night." "I thought that was YOU coming out of his tent last night, Lee. I hear he has a thing for little boys!" Endless possibilities, folks.

P.S. Chronicles of Narnia is ultimate bitchin'. We totally rolled solo after the corpo-wack job to the River 21 on Illinois, and we are very glad to have had no company known to us 'cause we ended up bawling, like, nine times. The only two other patrons for the 6:20 PM showing were two girls behind us, probably in their mid-20's, also prone to fits of bawling and sniffling. We heard lots of friend-it's-okay-it's-just-a-movie hugging back there. That made us feel better. Here here to unashamedly crying at the movies!

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vb said...

i cried like a baby who's ass been slapped during king kong