Monday, January 16, 2006

Granny, do your dog bite?

Bookstore Sunday night pizza poker party! Few things are finer in this world. We were hitting the Maker's Mark with Jon pretty good, so if we said anything particularly embarrasing, please pardon our drunken pizza poker party style.

On Saturday we were hanging out at the Bottle, having our Saturday Bloody Mary constitutional with Rob Lowe, watching the documentary Rize, which so totally blew our minds. We know that you are already on some crumping shit, know it backwards and forwards, but we are newbies. How does one exactly make one's body go eight directions at once? The battle scene? Where Tight Eyez busts out the insanity moves? Holy shit. Holy white hot shit that was amazing. We HAVE to watch the rest this week. Are you down?

Right now we are going to look at baby pictures, so leave us alone!

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