Monday, January 30, 2006

There will be peace on mounds of teeth

It is just about 1 PM, CST. This morning we got up when we damn well felt like it, right about 10:45. A vision passed before our eyes of our office life we have left behind. We had a picture of our old desk lined up to show you, but this old computer we are working on from home doesn't understand much in the way of technology, and we can't seem to put a picture up on Blogger. And our real computer, the one that died in Minneapolis, although it came on for about half a second the other day much to our shock, won't even let us short circuit the whole bad monitor thing and plug into a TV/VCR so we can get some freaking serious stuff going. So, it is fair to say that we are hosed, technologically speaking, and sucking some very hairy balls right now. Oof. We are currently contemplating attacking the iMac with a bean hammer, just to make ourselves feel better.

But hey! We aren't at the corpo wack-job! Last night at the bookstore, Jon and I were talking about our heroes and what kind of ultimate dream jobs we would like to have. Jon has it in his heart that he could be an arctic explorer, and we don't doubt him. Conversation turned to Jon's favorite arctic explorer, who of course is Shackleton, of Endurance fame. Jon showed us a quote, attributed to a fellow arctic explorer named Sir Raymond Priestley:

"For scientific leadership, give me Scott; for swift and efficient travel, Amundsen; but when you are in a hopeless situation, when there seems to be no way out, get on your knees and pray for Shackleton."

If someone said that about us, we'd be pretty stoked. Cook up the sled dogs 'cause we're going for the Pole!

Our dream job would be also nautically based. We would like to be captain of a Iowa-class battleship of the United States Navy. They have all been decommissioned now, and are dry-docked around the world, but those ships were the toughest of the line. They are too fat, slow, and prone to attack from subs and air power to be very useful in this day and age. But take us back to the 1940's, when they ruled the seas...Nimitz vs. Yamamoto! Midway. America's greatest naval victory. You never know, the USS Wisconsin could be recommissioned for some type of amphibious assault support. Not that we're going to enlist or anything.

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