Friday, January 13, 2006

Counting on the doctor that was keeping you down, now you don't have to spend another minute in this goddamned town

Isai Medina. That is the name of the man who died on his bike. The one I could do nothing to help. The little shrine in front of the laundromat, with the candles and bike wheel and can of PBR and the flowers is all that remains of that night.

Apparently the bike he was riding was one of the main joys of his life. I have now spoken to 3 different people who knew him in life, and they have given me some perspective as to who he was, and maybe why he is no longer with us.

Isai Medina, for your sake, I hope there is a God, and that he blesses your soul. I hope that where you are is better than here, I hope that you are full of light, I hope your burdens are eased, I hope that you have forgotten the final pain you knew.

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