Monday, January 09, 2006

Bring Dynamite and a crane, Blow you up start all over again

We were sad to learn of the death of Lou Rawls over the weekend. He was the ultimate in class. Mom #1 and Mom #2 used to watch his Telethon every year, and we loved it too. Did you know Lou Rawls made over $200 Million dollars for the United Negro College Fund? Mad respect that.

We used to have this DJing trick where we would go from Black Sabbath's "Supernaut" to "You'll Never Find" within three songs. We know Lou would have loved that one.

A few times we wrote joking pieces of musical criticism that referenced Lou Rawls, but we want you to know that our love for him is very serious indeed. In fact, at one of our lowest personal moments ever, when we were treating ourselves with serious disrespect and much of the humanity in our hearts was gone, we heard Lou Rawls on a distant radio. The horror within us was turned to gladness immediately, as if Lou had turned on a light switch in our heart. Ever since that night, we have had a bond with Lou that can never be broken.

You might think Lou Rawls is some kind of bland showman, just another guest-star on Love Boat or Fantasy Island re-runs, as somebody said at the bar the other night, but you would be wrong. We don't know if Lou Rawls is going to have a public funeral or not, but we would stand in the snow, in the rain, in a hail of bullets to honor him. Thanks, friend. You will be missed.

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