Wednesday, January 25, 2006

She liked manhattans, they taste like mouthwash

Last night at the Bottle (yes, again) was sweet. First of all, Che Arthur is back in town for a spell from his new home in Austin TX, and he brought some sweet acoustic tunes with him. A tad depressing subject-wise, but cuts are mad pretty, and Che has a great voice which booms heartily. Even if you weren't a big fan of Atombombpocketknife, check him out when he hits your town.

Next, after another performer we weren't too interested in, was the debut (?) of the new Brokaw/Dicks/McCombs band. You've heard Come. You love the Nerves. Tortoise is your favorite drug band. At times both Doug and Chris were rocking the clear Black Sabbath guitars, and things were kind of rolling along in the fashion of a Television (the band, duh) manner with the double leads twisting around each other in a v. fine Verlaine/Lloyd style. And McCombs sang! We hope this band sticks around for awhile, 'cause they were mad bringing it. The requisite snaps:

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