Wednesday, December 21, 2005

You will do what looks good to you on paper, we will do what we must

We're not going to tell you the website url or how we stumbled across it the other day, because we are still trying to bleach the horror of it from our minds. Do you remember the Encyclopedia commercial kid? With the glasses and shit who looks like every nerd you went to grade school with? He has a sex blog. And there are totally, like, pictures of him eating chicks out. Additionally, the Encylopedia commercial kid SPEAKS GREEK. It is fucking insane. Jesus on a popcicle stick. It has ruined us. It has deeply troubled our sexuality, almost as much as the Jodie Foster flesh-tube creamed corn dream. You think you want to look but you don't. We'll be like Grover in that one book everyone had as a kid trying to stop you page after page as you march across the internet plains to explore for this dude and his monstrous blog.

Best office time-waster ever: Google Earth. Whoa, doggie. Are we the last people on Earth to discover this? Damn Stan! Any address on earth, flying from one location to another....we're not going to give anything else away, except that it is amazing and your soul is incomplete until you download it. Selah.

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