Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Note to self: don't die

Congrats to OGFP super-bud Jon Z. for staying sober for six whole days. Damn! We wish we had that kind of moxie. The last time we had a streak that long around here was somewhere during the first Bush administration. As in 1992, wigga. But, you know, a pretty good band once said everything has a season, and we're pretty sure sobriety is our calendar in the future, too. Until then it's Drinky Crow Routine v. 2.53.

Speaking of new developments re: Drinky Crow, we, as our superstar alter-ego Champagne James, are DJing Sonotheque this Friday night Dec 30, around 10PM or so. Yeah, the drinks are expensive and the crowd can sometimes be privates-deep in haterade. But come represent as we put that sound-system into blaze mode. We know how to move you. We're not giving out a set list or anything (what are those, anyway?), so you'll have to come out and give us a pre-New Years Eve kiss. Patrick Adams will be on the menu. Local grabass Logan Bay will also be riding the decks, probably playing crazy Baltimore/Brazilian booty jamz. He's crunk like that.

Oh, and we have another Rock Records story to relate while we've got you here. Down in the basement one day, we smelled burning and saw the haze of smoke. Ernie, the owner, immediately called the Chicago Fire Dept when we told him. We then went upstairs and outside with our co-workers as per Ernie's request. Apparently the CFD takes downtown fires very seriously, for within 3 minutes, Washington was literally filled with Firetrucks, on both sides of the street, all the way from State to Wacker. Probably 40 or 50 of them, with ambulances, Mobile HQ RVs, SUVs and an armada of Chicago Police. We were momentarily deputized: "Here! Hold this hose!" Firemen who are totally repped with all their gear look incredibly kick ass. We wish we looked that good on the job. Seriously, more you know what than a toilet seat. And they deserve it.

Anyway, the "fire" turned out to be some smoldering leaves that had caught alight when someone dropped a cigarette through a crack in the sidewalk in front of the store. The Chief of the CFD himself (four stars!) took a bucket and put it out with about 50 of his men quietly observing. Then they began to talk to each other, shaking hands with men from other units, milling all over the store in full dress, shopping, showing each other their axes, generally talking shop. Traffic by now in the entire Loop was at a standstill, and the firemen could not have cared less. We were enthralled to be around them that long. We did not ask if we could try on a fireman's hat, however. Hey, we were 26 at the time. This lasted about 45 mintutes, until another fire alarm came in and off they all went en masse, sirens screaming and trucks glinting majestically in the sunlight.

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