Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Under Siege

Welcome Fox News viewers who wandered here by mistake. Please take off your shoes so we can cut off your feet with our big shears.

Before the period of radio silence surrounding the holidays commences, we want to wish you and yours a merry merry whatever the fuck you are doing this year. Take it easy on the egg nog, bitches. That shit will make you barf all over your Grandma's tea cozy.

Here is a list of five good things that happened to us in 2005:

1. 2005 World Champion White Sox.
2. Canadian Mist.
3. Thanksgiving trip to Kentucky.
4. Rinse FM.
5. Finding a mint copy of Sonny Murray's "Sonny's Time Now" at this weird store run by 2 art/hippie casualty chicks for like 2 bucks.

Let's hope the '06 lowers the boom on the wackness.

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