Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pacifying Joint


If you read this blog and you are in Korea, you need to send us an email or leave a comment RIGHT NOW. We see you out there! We have some crazy tricked-out-as-hell webtracking shit up in this bitch and we are not afraid to use it! We have an audience and we need some particulars. Who reads us out in our hometown of Crystal Lake, Illinois? Sherri Daley is that you? If so, sorry about that time we tried to feel you up during that Mikado rehearsal in high school. We were crazy on two liters of Mr. Pibb and teenhood hormonal rage. Please folks, more comments! If you know us in real life, get in touch. We are trying to make a difference.

We are fascinated by North Korea. We realize a person in South Korea is more likely reading this blog, but we secretly hope we are being monitored by Kim Jong Il's hentchmen. Go to the national website now ( and find out some very interesting things about Mr. Il. Not where he got his haircut, but if you dig around long enough you will find a 300 page PDF biography that talks about how a star formed above the town where and when he was born. Same thing happened when we were breech-birthed on a kitchen table in Carbondale, Illinois. True story.

The new Fall album is insane, and by that we mean pretty good. Nothing on a par with the Peel Session box set, of course, but Mark E. really has the drunken-ass rant thing working overtime here. Backing vocals !?! Wigga please!

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damn jr,
i like your writ.