Monday, November 21, 2005

You are the prayer inside me

While we wait for the releases of the official MLB White Sox World Series DVD (Nov. 29), and the Sox official team video, "Sox Pride: The Story of the World Champion White Sox" (Dec. 6), we're trying to make our way through as many Werner Herzog documentaries as we can scrounge up. The White Diamond is about a dude trying to fly a dirigible-like airship through the jungles of South America. If you saw Grizzly Man, this is kind of a companion piece. The ending is one of the most haunting images we have ever seen, and Herzog plays it to the hilt just like he ought. We are not ashamed to admit that we were nearly moved to tears. He is rapidly becoming our favorite filmmaker of all-time. Anywhore, pair that up with Lone Wolf And Cub: Babycart in Peril and you got yourself one hell of a combo meal.

Speaking of combo meals, we see some in our immediate future. That's right! OGFP is hitting the road, America! Thanksgiving Break 2005, homie! McDonalds in Gibson City, Illinois, we have a date on Wednesday. Big Mac, extra sauce, hold the pickle. The Moms are making us join them on their annual Kentucky country house excursion. Just kidding. No forcing. Fact is, we love our family. Especially the Moms. The rest drive us a little bonkers, but we like Thanksgiving and Aunt Grace and going to the Piggly Wiggly and endless games of fetch with Ellie and shooting Mom #1's .357 Magnum. Let's hope we can keep the drinking problem on the down low, eh?

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