Friday, November 18, 2005

Oh, damn!

We want to post photos for you to see. Yes, we do. Really. Of our friends and little things that we see all around this city every day. Because we should pay more attention to the pretty pretty everywhere. But we lost an important part of our camera. Shhhhhh! The digital one the Moms bought us for Xmas two years ago, from Mr. Sony. It's this little grey cord thingy that goes from the camera to the computer for uploading and all that.

Now, we think this is lost for good. Boxes have been searched. We are mostly unpacked at Casa Borracho. No little grey cord, so no photos for the time being. But we are working on it. We saw Joe McPhee earlier this week engaged in the most insane saxophone-off with one of his bandmates. Ten minutes at a time of spiraling free-honk splatter. Brain damage and windpipes exposed. Pictures of that would have been killer.

We are wishing we could make ringtones out of all the songs from Sugar's "Copper Blue" individualized for each of our friends. Blow job song, ahoy! Damn, son! Mould on a dick! I mean, somebody on a Mould's dick! We think. Great stuff!

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kristin said...

yes we need to pay more attention to the pretty pretty

the moms--dfw?

TMI said...

ain't it just a leetle USB cable? you can shoplift one of those from microcenter in about 8 seconds. i DOUBLE DAWG DARE YA.