Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanks for making our first Alaskan tour such a success.

Do you know what heavy is, motherfucker? I mean heavy like deep space black hole shit. Like Joe Preston and all his bottom end. White/Light at the Bottle were completely out of the known universe by Midnight. "Come in, Voyager. We have reached Alpha Centari". Damn. We don't know exactly what that little box was that Jeremy Lemos was squeezing and causing to emit rude walls of sound all the fuck over the place or exactly how Matt Clark was making his guitar yawp like a chattering windmill in a tornado, but we want MORE OF THAT, STAT. Nice work, fellers. Can we get a promo? Kidding!

The other performance was a 30-min Tim Buckley cover by a band featuring Nate Kinsella, we think a dude from Town & Country, noted Bloody Mary technician Robert Lowe and Tim Kinsella (sporting a beard that puts ours to shame...a beard that causes one to consider phrases like, "warding off prison sex" or "case pending review" or "parole board taken hostage"), and some other jazzbozos. Robert was doing that crazy high-ass singing thing and all the others droned away. It was mighty swell.

We have also trimmed the beard away from the neck slightly so as to not look so offensive, as per the request of various associates. We also booked a flight for Minneapolis yesterday afternoon, a trip that we are very greatly anticipating. We have been promised a trip to the Walker.

And Kentucky. Are you ready for the thunder? Talk at you after Turkey day.

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Wolfgang Pynchon said...

Ok, Hypnotize is brilliant . . . and so what if I am then the "tool of corporate America". The title's worth it for this release.