Monday, November 07, 2005

Henny Youngman.

Working at the bookstore last night, we were doing some shelving. Mostly when we say "shelving" we really mean "perusing", which is a combination of reading, scanning and pretending to shelve books. For instance we came across a book of jokes by old-school funnyman Henny Youngman, and decided to do a public reading behind Myopic's pulpit-like counter. "I got a million of 'em.....a-cha cha cha cha", etc. See Harmony Korine for details. If you must. Anyway, Henny is pretty much one unfunny motherfucker. Nobody laughed at the jokes we found that were appropriate. Not much blue stuff (we don't usually work blue), but plenty of sexist jokes about wives and "girls" and money. Strange. We thought this guy was a classic. Borscht belt= overrated! There is a website with a few funny Henny honeys, and here are a few:

A doctor gave a man six months to live. The man couldn't pay his bill, so he gave him another six months.

My doctor grabbed me by the wallet and said "Cough!"

More here: Go!

Seriously, he's no Bill Hicks. Beelzebozo. Tuft of cotton candy. Drugs are good. I also do children's parties, by the way....

We are almost done with out journey through the Illuminatis Trilogy. Time and space are currently bending. Howard the dolphin is a wonderful guide. No, we haven't gotten any further in the Vollmann tome. Why do you keep asking?

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Check out Dane Cook if you haven't already. He's gonna be huge so get on before everybody else drags him to Gilbert Gottfried-town.