Thursday, November 17, 2005


Yesterday, we were feeling a little depressed. See earlier posts re: winter's approach, insomnia, too many omelettes, too many beers, too much Canadian whiskey, our rapidly growing spare tire. So, we went shopping. Ta-da, bitches! Depression, see yah later sk8r!

A trip to the record store is a beautiful thing. We got the new Bright Eyes. Yes, it is on a Dylan tip. Emmylou Harris backing vocals and everything! Quivering vocals and that. We like it. Devendra Banhart, nice to meet you, hippie dude. We are kind of glad we bought your new record, but we're not sure why yet since we think it sounds like a steaming pile of crap. But we're going to give it a few more listens, since we are currently joined in beardhood. Matt Pike, you are a god in human form. The new High On Fire is blazing like campfire massive. And thanks for the bonus DVD. Y'all ugly. But ears bleeding, dog! Six Organs of Admittance, the first listen was a trip. We guess we should trust Pitchfork more and perhaps buy a banjo so that we can conquer the universe along with your new-folk ass and tour with Superwolf and pull crazy honeydips. Bruce Springsteen Born to Run box set, we see you over there! Not yet but you won't be lonely for long! You will have a new owner before the week is out. He will love you and wear you out, especially the parts surrounding Jungleland and Thunder Road.

Who is our favorite new friend that we haven't exactly officially met yet? Cali. We've never hung out, but look at his site. It's totally proper. We aren't trying to fool you. We don't give out links that are played. Since most of you come here because my agent Jessica Hopper fronts for me once every few days, I figure I should share the love and bring our circle of friends closer together. Although she gets to hang out with Jackie this weekend and I'm a little jealous. Still, cute kids snaps and peeps from The Wire getting haircuts! Ta-da!

Beard report: moderately itchy with a 40% chance of trimming. Stranger/mirror effect diminishing hourly. Opposite sex approval: unknown.

Should we put pictures up on this thing? Comments.

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2 comments: said...

Thank you for the flattering propers AND yes we are already friends AND yes you should post photos.

TMI said...

More wolf bands!!! Seriously. "AIDS Wolf" is the best band name since "Wolf Eyes", "Guitar Wolf" and/or "Paul Wolfowitz and the Pussycats".