Friday, February 03, 2006

It's your prayer and how, Standing here now you wash over me

You will note that we haven't been updating the blog as much recently. That is because laziness has overtaken us. Laziness! Too much sleeping, too much time with the newspaper, too much time at the video store. We left the house for about 30 minutes in toto today, to refill the prescription for heart medicine, and to stop for dinner at Burger King. Have you had the Cheesy Chicken Sandwich? Holy crapola. The Cheesy Chicken Sandwich should be against the law it is so tasty. Usually we are not into big-upping fast food chains, but there it is.

We might go see Headache City in a minute, if our laziness allows. Shit Sandwich!

Even if we wanted to blog majorly right now, our scribblings would not be as funny as our associates' blogs have been lately. Peep the line-up to the right: Miles, Morgan, Wound Up (aka Mark), Britt, Kari, Hopper. Our friends are bringing mad comedy up in this, and for today, we cannot hope to compete. For instance, Mark's end of the year report literally reduced us to tears earlier. You can't really find that here today, apart from the ? and the Mysterians album in the corner. Ba dum cha. See what we mean? Our funny bone is broken!

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