Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Factory smog is a sign of progress

Sobriety is INTERESTING. We're going on our 5th day, if you are counting. That is at least a five year record. No shit shinola.

Last night your correspondents went down to the Empty Bottle to scan the set by the Watchers, and all we drank was three v. cold Sprites, on the rocks, with lemon. We didn't get charged for the Sprites, which was nice. We did have to take a few mighty horse-pisses in the middle of the night, however. This could be our new racket, or something. The Sprite Guy. Free drinks, a whole new definition. Rob even told us he could make us virgin Bloody Marys from now on for our Sat./Sun. afternoon constitutionals. And virgin Margaritas! We just like the salt anyway. Now that sounds like a program. Last night was also a test of sorts. Could we go down to our favorite bar, right below our own abode, where there would be plenty of non-sober friends and associated hotties whooping it up (free night!), and abstain totally? We did, and succeeded.

In fact, we didn't even feel the slightest compunction to drink (despite being annoyed to red-level rage by the senseless gyrations of the lead singer of the Watchers), which kind of shocked us. Usually we enter the bar and start pounding shit like Peter North and Jenna Fine. It's just how we do. Or used to.

The OGFP board of directors realizes things have been a little schizo around here the last few weeks. Basically, this is the short long story: we went on an epic bender for a few months (months which capped a few years of very, very hard drinking), we suddenly realized (moment of clarity!) that we needed to be rescued by friends and family (who did an amazing job, to their very great credit) from our lack of control over our excesses; we went through some ugly alcohol withdrawl with the parents back in the burbs (see two posts below), and now we are trying to be sober and start the thug life over in a few different ways. We aren't sure if we can ever be social drinkers again, but right now we are taking one day at a time.

P.S.! P.S! New Baby Tohma pictures courtesy of Josh! Click on the Baby Tohma link to your right!

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Robin said...

J.R. you always touch my heart. I am very happy for you. If anyone ever charges you for a Sprite and I am with you, I will buy it.

Wolfgang Pynchon said...

You rock, my friend.

Cheers to a better life.


Anonymous said...

Remember to drink coffee.

Anonymous said...

cheers and kudos for being so brave. we know from experience that there’s nothing more frightening than realizing you don’t have control. we felt a little unease at the recent lack of postings, a premonition, even though we don’t even fucking know you. though if we’re being honest, part of it was concern for you, part of it was concern for ourselves. your stories and insights consistently provide us with a much needed booster-shot of compassion and have positively affected our own interactions. no pressure, just sayin’. all the best.

Tequila Red said...

Right on.

Anonymous said...


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