Friday, December 07, 2007

Wife: (13 Wives)

Two posts in two days! Sit back, relax, fire up the blogtinis...Am I freaking you out?

Today was pretty much the perfect day off. Woke up around 1 PM, went thrifting with Hopper shortly thereafter. She marched me around the Ark mens' and womens' sections both, making me try on every dubious sweater and oversized dress shirt we came across, which was plenty, like in the hundreds. If she had her way, I'd be Mr. Office Contempo-Casual, 24/7/365. You'd look at me on the street and think I was a really gangly, misshapen female extra from the Golden Girls. We had a fun few hours.

While there found a real swell sportcoat in off-charcoal (men's; Yves Saint Laurent and Bill Blass tags inside-- label confusion), a few books and a real steamin' CD of Turkish music from before World War II. Came home, disco napped, ironed a pink shirt to wear with the new YSL/BB, then went downstairs to the Bottle to watch some White Magic jammy jams. Miles had a dark turtleneck/suspenders/jack boots/Eastern bloc spy look going on and we both looked underworld hott, truth be told. I thought there might be more willowy folkly damsels giving us zaps, but the weather was bad and no zaps were to be had. Even though the White Magic sounded good we blew that pop stand and jaunted over to the Rainbo. Been many moons since I last sipped the Canada Dry in that particular bad-mojo-haus, but tonight was fine. Dave Laney showed up out of the blue (well, not really, his band Auxes has a show at the Bottle Friday night; you should go) and Doug said I looked like Lux Interior going home to meet my girlfriend's parents for the first time. I think that was a twisted compliment of some kind. Then Miles and I came home and watched John Carpenter's The Thing. Why does Kurt Russell wear a really bad hat when he flies a helicopter in the Antarctic? Why did I not buy that Anita Baker CD for 1.50 today? When will I go hang-gliding with Father Yod?


Nathan said...

Whats good J.R.? I just got a discount Patrick Bateman vibe from your styling account! And may I recommend "underworld Haute" instead? (see Falcon and the Snowman for further inspiration)--Nate

kelly said...

Solid gold! If I have to wait 7 months for more of this, I'm scaling back on your visitation rights with Seamus.

Alia said...

Good post.