Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wretched is he who looks back upon lone hours in vast and dismal chambers with brown hangings

Sometimes you look back over a message that you just sent and think, huh, maybe I should have kept that to myself.

"I decided to read some H.P. Lovecraft tonight, and I doubt I will sleep for several days. More soul-blasting fright than I thought humanly possible, esp. that I just got this experimental black metal CD by Prurient and have been listening on repeat to what sounds like millions of souls endlessly terrorized on ice floes captained by winter daemons lowly intoning invective at God's diminished charity along with the string section of the Orchestre de Paris sawing away in the gloom back there. Couple that with the fact that I was assaulted this evening by an unfriendly chap outside of a cash machine, and today has been among the most notable Martin Luther King Holidays of my (approaching) middle-aged mortal span.


*****Resolutions and Revolutions 2007 Continue*****

We're going to open up the docket to Ozzie readers and MySpace friends and real-life friends and so forth, so if you have any NY 2007 resolutions of your own to share, don't send them to me or I'll obnoxiously post them here, anonymously, without prior permission, like this:

"1. wear more dresses. i always feel like more of a pretty lady when i wear the dresses.
2.i bought this pair of awesome green studdy boots last year; this year i'm going to make it happen.
3.i promise to blog more- i never write except when i'm experiencing extreme existencial malaise or giddiness. there is more to me than just the highs and lows.
4. stop obsessing over what i haven't been able to do yet and focus on all the beautiful stuff i've accomplished.
5. read that henry miller book i got a month ago, goddammit.
6. make more friends too! i don't hate EVERYONE..."

I like these resolutions. In fact, I could have written them myself, apart from the pretty lady stuff, but you never know. Green boots suit me. I could craft fake-ass NY 2007 lists and start a new branch of meta-fiction. I'm Borges like that.

You should send me yours TODAY and I'll post them and they will spread like wildfire across the Malibu that is the interjunk! Dude, where's my BOREDOM?

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Wolfgang Pynchon said...

Dude, you ARE H.P. Lovecraft!


St. Renegade said...

So I introduced myself to you because, in 2007, I'm going to 1. Introduce myself to Internet writers if they live in the same city I do and 2. Point them in the direction of my blog. My third resolution is a continuation from 2006, when I had promised myself and everyone I knew that I was going to become so self actualized that I would take on the form of a unicorn, so: 3. Become a unicorn. Once I'm a unicorn, things like saving money and learning to play the drums will be superfluous.

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Anonymous said...

hi. my stated new year's resolutions were as follows:

1. be more confrontational
2. psyche myself out less
3. procrastinate less
4. be a better friend
5. get my fucking refund from fucking united airlines

i'm hoping that sharing them with you and the internet hits two or three of those right off the bat. as it is already mid-feburary, i'm thinking #3 is still pretty hopeless, though.

your pal,


Anonymous said...

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