Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Video: Putin Kisses Boy's Stomach -- As Astonished Crowd Looks On

I love the Drudge Report. Sometimes it makes me want to commit seppuku in the corner bathroom of a very public place, but I still read it every day. I have no idea how the internet works anymore, apart from my fantasy baseball teams. 2nd, 4th and 11th place, in order of importance. I still want to carve my initials into Ann Coulter's skull, though.

P.S. Last week saw Al Gore's environmental flick, and homie is making a move towards the electorate. Kind of a wave from the fruit stand across the street, really, letting folks know he's still there and not having anything much to do with Howard Dean these days. Story in the new Rolling Stone this (next?) week where he makes some shart comments about Senors Bush and Cheney, and we'll see what his next few moves are.

Superman movie? Who else wants to see it? Get in touch.

If you've sent me email you expect to be answered in the last few weeks and I haven't replied, don't take it all personal like. Internet connectivity is still tenuous, so use ye olde telephone, eh?

The White Sox just keep winning, bashing the shit out of National League teams right and left. Unfortunately, so do the Tigers of Detroit (remember them? Tyrus Raymond Cobb? George Kell? Jack Morris? Larry Parrish? Lou Whitaker?), who *seem* to have the whiff of destiny this year. I know that smell pretty well after 2005. Which would be okay by me, honestly. Their fans have had a rough time of it the last decade or so.

OK, I'll try and update more often. Bye.

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What If Columnists Were Allowed to Fornicate?

coulterbdsm.jpgThere are over 1000 columnists spewing brilliance and lunacy in unfortunately unequal doses, but a survey of 154 of them turns up batshit results: when describing what it's like to write a column, "26% of salaried columnists called it a job and 17% likened it to sex." But what kind of sex? As painful as it is for us to imagine fornicating journalists (shudder), we've got our guesses: When writing, Maureen Dowd goes cowgirl, but John Tierney prefers missionary (so that's why it didnt work). Stanley Crouch would never admit it, but he can't meet deadline without bottoming; Andrea Peyser just reads like a bondage freak. And of course, Ann Coulter's just hate-fucking all sorts of fuzzy baby animals.

Tequila Red said...

I am thrown off by this first person business.

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