Monday, June 19, 2006

First you think your fortune's lovely

Reading tonight at the Quimby's. It starts in about 25 minutes, actually. The Copy Max, where I'm at now, is the place to go when all the public libraries are full of computer users. Right across the street from the bookstore on Milwaukee near the six corners of ass.

This dude at the computer to my left (#6) is freaking out because a paper he wrote for a class is missing in the hard-drive and noone here can seem to find it. I feel bad for him. I write mostly in note pads these days, to avoid Mac/PC complications. How challenging it is to go back to pen and paper after having spent years type-type-typing away as the main feature of the compositional process. Miles and I were talking last night about getting typewriters. Maybe that would be boss.

Not much to say. Been working on this piece to read for the Quim, done busted my prose nut, and now I'm kind of on Veggie Patrol, giving a once-over to ABC's The Note and chillin' in the A/C. Maybe I'll type my reading on the web so you can oogle it, or maybe not. I'll let you know.

But swing by tonight if you can. It's for a good 'cause.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't make it to your reading as I was busy getting stood up for a date. Its not that big a deal, I have this nagging thought that the guy might be a hippy or too much of a Bro-Dude. But still, I am dissapointed to have missed your thing. If you felt like posting your piece, I would enjoy reading it. Either way, I hope it went well for you.


Mike Meyer said...

You should post your Copy Max prose, J.R. I'm sure your non-Chicago readership (including me) would value the inclusion.