Monday, April 17, 2006

Human contact, over my head, Make sense of your opinion

Wilderness last night at the Bottle was one of the best live bands of the century. We would say more, but you missed them, so you lose. We'll have pictures for you eventually.

Best Google searches of the week that led web-surfers to this blog: (which we are not making up)

1) "horse pisses"
2) "cowboy equipment underwear" (from someone in Cheyenne, Wyoming, natch)
3) "open gaping assholes" (why not just go to bro?)
4) "jake booty call game 4 life" (if this is something we can help you out with, please do let us know)

Someone just called the bookstore at 11:17 PM looking for any titles we might have handy on knot-tying. "Anything will do. Just good sturdy knots." Um, okay. Kinky motherfuckers. We know you aren't thinking of sailing a clipper ship on Lake Michigan right now Nathaniel Hornblower, not in this chilly weather.

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