Monday, April 10, 2006

Gin my cotton and sell my seed, Gonna give my baby everything she need.

Quick as a bunny updates are the new shining path we walk at OGFP. We promise lots of in-depth meaty stuff when we come back topside. In the meantime, some facts you might be interested in:

1) Little Debbie Fudge Rounds are the shiznit. Oatmeal Cremes are not too bad. We have not had OCs since the many C.L. hours spent at the Meyer home, Nintendo and Lawrence Taylor, etc. The good old days.

2) New Myopic associate Michelle splits her working time at the booksto' and Alliance Bakery. You know what that means? Endless bags of day-olds. The OGFP diet plan is *almost* officially out the window this week due to the Alliance White Sox cookies, muffins, banana bread and other treats filling the fridge.

3) After starting out with a miserable 1-4 record, the White Sox have won two straight behind solid starting pitching and some taters by Crede, Thome and Paulie. The Cubs are ripping it up at 4-1, but who cares? Luckily two of our fantasy teams feature Cubs closer Ryan Dempster as a starter, through weird Yahoo! bylaws, and this is racking us some bonus points.

4) At the Unique Thrift Store way north on Saturday, the one near the DMV, we saw two '70s chick-lit novels that our Moms used to have on the "light reading" shelves at home (the other side of the house from the Ayn Rand/ Mary Renault section. You might be able to glean much about our family psychology from this info-nugget, or not). Oddly, both books featured sex and/or love scenes that we used to scan during the dark epoch before pubescence, on rare occasions when the house was empty and broken phraseology like "areola" and "his need was bursting" were titillating in and of themselves. We didn't buy either book, BTW.

5) Philip Pullman is a genius. More at 11.

6) Seymour Hersh is a genius. More at 11.

7) Please do not have long, labored and apparently brutal relationship-ending conversations in the philosiphy/religion/mythology back room when we want to smoke break back there. PLEASE. Your 21 yr old lives are so vastly unimportant compared to our nicotine intake, and besides, you have years and years of relationship drama to go through. Plenty of chances for ego-crushing and poisonous banter. Just end it quickly, and go eat some Little Debbies. It will all be better soon. You are creeping out the docile yet greasy dude who lives in a box behind the old Hito's and hovers around Women's Studies for hours at a time. Trust us, that is hard to do.

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jhppr said...

don;t put baked goods in the fridge, they will dry out and go stale faster.