Thursday, June 16, 2005


Hi. This is a blog. I am a blogger. Blogity Blog Blog.

You know, sometimes it's best not to DWELL, Ozzieheads. I've been doing a lot of dwelling, on the lower side of things, lately. I'm a moron with a callous streak as big as the Grand Canyon. The White Sox are in FIRST PLACE and have the BEST RECORD IN BASEBALL, and I've barely noticed. I've gone to several AA meetings. I've seen a therapist. I feel like I'm improving. I need to.

My "private life" is so ridiculously fucked right now that half the time I feel like saying hello to Mr. Tire Iron and sleeping the big sleep. Then I remember that noone reads this thing, or listens to what I have to say most of the time, which is right and proper, and anyway comedy and sleeping puppies and Harpo Marx make life OK, usually. Carry on, etc. Because I never update this piece of shit, and everyone has given up reading or linking to it, there is a little space for me to belch into the ether. So maybe I'll try and get all Metamucil (AKA regular) on this blogging thing. Maybe, and I know I've said that before.

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