Thursday, June 05, 2008

All around, people looking half dead, walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a matchhead

Back by popular demand...a head full of Ezra Pound...ears full of death metal demos...and a belly full of delicious, ripe pears! You know who is on the library computer now, son!

Miles burned me the new Lil' Weezy record yesterday, and I'm not sure what to think. I kept waiting for blast beats and arpeggiated lydian solos that sound like horses collapsing under the strain of...being horses, but it didn't happen. Instead there are songs about sex and repping and other stuff that modern people do. Me, if it's not about decomposing corpses and satan's glory, I'm kind of immediately lost. But I'll keep on it. For the people.

Speaking of people, the girl next to me on the lib. computer in the U of Michigan shirt smells really bad. Like somebody perhaps drizzled a little poop into her ears while she was sleeping. Officially summer.

O Humanity! How the hell are ya? Did you read my stuff in the last few issues of Plan B? The Boredoms live review where I talk about my moms' dogs AND spaghetti-o's? The Times New Viking bible browbeat Hopper and I did a few issues back? I don't think they're up on the webby web but I'll take a look and link to them here, should opportunity provide. Oh yeah, and I'm on Facebook now. Holler.

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