Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Crucial point one day becomes a crime

Yesterday, at the end of my post, I asked if I had turned into "David Debby", which I'm sure led to some head scratching out there. I meant David Denby, the New Yorker film critic, but this seems like a fruitful mistake. Maybe I'll become a cross-dressing Pauline Kael of the oughts, with a name that means nothing to noone. Worth about half of one of Roger Ebert's tumors.

And then I'll join Robin Williams in rehab. He will coat me in his glistening fur.

uhhhhhhh It is really pretty outside. 84 degrees and Sunny like Cher's dick. Last night I finished Guns of August. World War I was, like, dumb and stuff. I don't have much for you today, sorry. Obsessed with our steady descent into global conflict? Check. Needing some Lupe Fiasco jamz? Check. Still in lust with Eleanor from Fiery Furnaces? Check. White boat shoes? Blazow!

I bought a little miniature Shortwave Radio at Walgreens the other day for 9.99 or so. Total impulse buy 9000. Now I can listen to German news broadcasts and Radio Portugal. My co-workers hate me. Even the dude from the Kills was bummed as I flicked through blizzards of satellite wash and airline beacons. Hotel represent! ULTIMATE AM GEEK.

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Anonymous said...

I just have to insert a random suggestion, due in part to your proclivity for Eleanor and boat shoes. Try listening to the Fiery Furnaces' song "Benton Harbor Blues" on headphones while walking around your neighborhood in a pair of boat shoes. I don't really know what your neighborhood is like, but mine is pretty crappy and I feel immediately transfixed with the fact that I have just been transported to a Mentos' commercial. Which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. But mostly it's good, and I remain fixated with the ability of transport, the awesomeness of boat shoes, and the carefree bliss that is summertime.