Friday, July 28, 2006

Who hid in traitor grass their cunning cord may catch me as I pass.

I can't believe I was up before 9:30 AM today. My mouth still has that sour Lunesta taste. Welcome to the world of the (not so) heavily medicated!

Last night on Coast To Coast AM With George Noory was a real doozy, folks. Majestic 12 documents....greys and yellows....alien autopsies at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Air Force Colonels under suicide watch. Pretty amazing.

We have little other news to report.

1) The new white boat shoes are working out quite nicely, thanks. Today's mission is to see if we can't find a special electrically colored t-shirt to wear with said boat shoes and our dirty white pants. To a show tonight! Like actually going out in public!

2) Jimmy the extreme nut job neighborhood weirdo is now officially obsessed with me. Very regularly in the past he tried to sell me cheap plastic lighters and other...things. He raved at me for a full 25 minutes on the bus the other day about Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and various Hot Dog Carts he used to work for along Chicago Ave. Eating a slice of pizza at Bacci last night, Jimmy decided to come over for an unwelcome visit. A visit with Jimmy involves enduring an odd St. Vitus dance of shaking and physical tics, suffused with broken shouts about sales currently at Tower Records. On a more personal note, last night included some genuine-seeming confessions that he, Jimmy, might soon stop freebasing various hard street drugs. Then he went and peed on the door of the Library in full view of the Bacci patrons.

Summer 2006! Have fun at Pitchfork you pussies.

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Jennifer Waronker said...

It is shit like this that makes me miss you.

dexatrim said...
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dexatrim said...

typo, sorry..
I'm wondering if we know the same Jimmy the Neighborhood Weirdo. the one i know gives Hitleresque speeches in that they start calmly and quickly escalate to passionate rants shouted anytime, anywhere, at anyone. the last time I saw him was on the Chicago Avenue bus. it was the day CNN broke the story about Mexican drug smugglers sending heroin into the states sewn into the bellies of a dozen puppies. ("You can hurt whoever you want, beat your wife and kids, that's your business, but goddamn your soul to hell if you ever hurt a puppy, goddammit... They should have their families tortured and killed in fronta them.") I haven't seen him since then.

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