Thursday, October 27, 2005

Roll Call.

To the White Sox family I have is for you. To Brian Trembley, the first Sox fan I ever met in 1982, and your dad Gary and mom Betty, today is for you. Congratulations. To Eric Dever and your dad Pete, White Sox diehards for life: today is for you. To the old guy I met two years ago and spent four innings talking to on the concourse in 2004, who grew up in Niles and has lived and died with the White Sox for years: today is for you and your sons.To the 1987 pitching staff of Blaul Motors of the Crystal Lake American Little League, who idolized the Sox everyday win or lose, congratulations. Today is for you. To my 5th Grade teacher Mr. Szucs, congratulations. To Mr. Hawkinson, my favorite English teacher in High School, today is for you. To my Mom, who loved Carlton Fisk nearly as much as I did, and bought me my first Sox shirt and cap from the Montgomery Wards catalog, today is for you. I love you. We deserve this. To the old crazy dude who stands every night by the White Sox bullpen screaming his head off, waving a t-shirt and causing a ruckus, congratulations. To Glen Peterson, to Mike Meyer and your dad Dave, to Kurt Sample, to Jake Austen, to Chris Blum, to Scott Kielbasa, to Todd Price, to Darcy, to Jeremy, to Martha, to Chuck at the baseball card shop, to Scott Browne, to Mr. Weller, to Buck Weaver and Shoeless Joe Jackson, Beltin' Bill Melton, Moose Skowron, Minnie Minoso, Wilbur Wood, Luke Appling, Nellie Fox, Luis Aparicio, Ted Lyons and Billy Pierce, to Comeau who has taken me to so many games over the last few years, to the All Natural crew, to all the diehards I have known; today is our day. We have reached the promised land at last. I'll see you downtown at the parade.

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